Monday, June 23, 2014

Make It Monday!

So I worked all weekend sewing curtains, but I'm not quite ready for the big reveal.  The room still needs a lot of work!  Good thing it's only June...  But I thought I'd do a real quick "Make It Monday."  This is a super easy fix for all of those ugly man and nose-face magnets most of us have stuck around our rooms.  All you need is a hot glue gun, your old magnets, and some fake flowers.  I got mine on clearance at Michael's for $.79 a bunch!

I tore all the flowers and leaves off of the stems and threw the stems away.  Then I glued up the magnets.  Sorry guys, this is gonna hurt!

While the glue was good and hot, I just stuck the flowers and the leaves wherever they would fit!  Sometimes I just used the flowers, sometimes I used leaves and flowers, and for the nose-face magnets I always used at least 3 to cover him up!  Below is an example of the nose-face magnet all prettied up.

It was easy and quick to go from this:


So go give your magnets a makeover!

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