Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Label Lottery

So, my labels came in the mail today.  "Labels?" you ask.  Yes, I have won the label lottery!  On a whim, while looking on eBay for cute labels to organize my cabinets in my new room, I bid on a box lot of organizational labels from a dentist's office that was going out of business.  I figured, 5 bucks, might as well...  Well, I was the only bidder and won them!
They came today and I am so excited to go label my classroom library!  There are oodles and oodles of labels for each letter and conveniently, each letter is its own color!  They are just like the Fountas and Pinnell Leveling System only CHEAP!  And, they came with their own divided organizer box!  So I ripped open every pack and quickly tucked them all into their neat little files.  Tomorrow I'll start sticking these babies on my classroom library books.

In my library I have my books in bins that are sorted by category with a picture on each book that matches the picture on the bin so kids will be able to easily put the books back where they belong.  To keep the bins orderly, I assign each student a bin that they are responsible for keeping neat.  Believe it or not, this really works.  They check their bins weekly and let the class know when there was a misplaced book in THEIR bin!

Currently all the books are labeled with the corresponding grade level on the front cover, as well as the bin sticker. They already have their Accelerated Reader point values and quiz numbers in the front covers, and now my students will also be able to choose books based on their guided reading level.  I used a couple of different apps to level them all and had amazing parent helpers who helped me with this.  Level Finder costs $1.99 at the App Store and it is totally worth the 2 bucks!  It is my go-to app for Accelerated Reader information and grade level equivalency, but it doesn't have the guided reading level.  So for that I use Scholastic's Book Wizard app.  It's free!  It doesn't have as big of a data base yet, but it's growing, and it has a convenient scan feature that makes finding some of the books easy.  It doesn't work on older books though.

So keep your eyes open for unexpected bargains, and I'm not sure how expensive these are to buy new, but I snapped a picture of the back of the stickers in case you want to do a little research.

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