Monday, July 14, 2014

Make It Monday - Bathroom Pass

So I pinned this idea of making bathroom passes out of hand sanitizer WAY back when, and decided it was time to go through my pins and actually make them instead of just pinning them!  This idea originally came from the blog Third Grade Thoughts.  She has a free download on this link for a simple printable label for hand sanitizer, but I didn't care for it much.  Then she reposted and had much cuter bottles, but this time she used her Cameo Silhouette machine and vinyl.  I checked this out on Amazon, and if you have an extra $269.98 sitting around, go for it!  You can order the machine  here on Amazon.  I, however, am CHEAP!  So I spent a whopping $2.98 on stickers at Michael's that pretty much went with the Dots on Chocolate theme in my room.  I know, big spender.  I then dug out 2 matching hand sanitizer bottles that had been donated to my room last year and hadn't yet been used.  Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a picture of those exact bottles, so you're seeing a bigger refill bottle in the supplies picture.
I then doused both bottles with a good amount of Goo Gone - a staple in our house - to get rid of the labels.  If you don't have this stuff, get it!  You can find it at Walmart or Target in with the cleaning supplies.  It's about $3 a bottle and great for getting sticky residue off of just about anything.  We have both the spray on and the squeeze type.  For this project I used the spray on version and then just walked away.  I let it sit for at least 15 minutes.  When I came back I pulled the sticker label off as best as I could, and then added more Goo Gone and walked away again.  Depending on the label, you might need to do this multiple times.  And yes, I did smell of oranges most of the day, but it could be worse...  When the front and back stickers were gone I washed the bottles with soap and water and even rubbed them down with a little bit of the sanitizer to get rid of the residue from both the labels and the Goo Gone.  I wanted to make sure my new stickers would stick.
Now speaking of stickers, do NOT get the paper kind.  I'm thinking those won't hold up.  Purchase the plasticky, vinylly kind that there is probably a word for, but I don't know it, so I make up my own words.  Spell check hates me!  Then all I did was layer my stickers to say 'boys' and 'girls' and added a couple extra stickers that came in the pack!  I'm going to have these beauties sitting by my clip board (which I hope to decorate soon) so that the kiddos can sign out and place the bottle on their desk.  That way I can easily see who's out of the room and hopefully they'll use it before putting it back!  Side note - I have my kids sign in and out with times and elapsed time.  That way they practice telling time to the minute and figuring out elapsed time AND it cuts down on unnecessary bathroom trips since it's got a little work attached to it!  I'm sneaky like that!  That's it, but if you have something you'd like to see on Make It Monday, let me know.  I'm always up for suggestions, and I'll do it as cheaply as possible!

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