Monday, July 7, 2014

Make It Monday - Soup Cans!

Soup cans?  Yes, soup cans.  Teachers are thrifty.  They have to be. Our budgets are cut year after year. So this is a cheap, easy storage solution using garbage and scraps!  It will not only help coordinate your beautiful classroom, it will help our earth, too!  And it couldn't be cuter or easier.

Next time you make soup, or open a can of fruits or veggies, don't pitch that can in the recycling.  Wash it out, make sure it has no sharp edges and take it to school.  Use extra pieces of your bulletin board border to help bring your whole look together.  I've used book tape, double-sided tape, and hot glue when I've tackled this project.  I tend to be a hot glue girl, but it's up you.  They are all easy and reliable.

You can go simple.

 Or layer coordinating borders to get a different effect.

You can leave them plain or add labels.
You can even add scraps of ribbon or flowers to finish them off.

So grab some garbage and make that space of yours adorable!

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  1. I've been looking for an inexpensive way to organize the pens, pencils, markers, etc that I leave out for my boys to create their "masterpieces". Using your idea, I can include cans of different sizes depending on what it will store, but they'll still coordinate. Thanks for sharing this great idea!