Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Glogster EDU

Yes Glog!  I Glogged before I Blogged!  In fact, making Glogs consumed my entire summer last year.  I made one for every one of my weekly reading stories, and a couple for other subjects as well. If you haven't seen, used, or made a Glog yet, you should.   This is what a basic Glog page looks like:

What is a Glog?  For me, it's a place where my students can independently work on skills they need and have all of the activities in one place, but there are many different uses for Glogs.  Students themselves can even make Glogs and turn them in as a culminating activity for a unit.  I haven't tried that yet, but I hope to this year.  For my reading Glogs, I have spelling, vocabulary, and skill practice, as well as relevant videos and games all on one site.  Some stories even have a link to hear the selection being read to them.  And on each of my reading Glogs there is an assignment students may choose to complete each week for extra credit.  The kids loved the Glogs last year.  Since I only had six computers, I used this as part of their Daily 5 activities.  By third grade, many of my students are fluent readers and do not need the Listen to Reading component every day.  Instead, some days they were able to get on the computers and work on the activities on the Glog independently.  If you can make a flipchart or a power point, making a Glog is basically the same idea.  Yes, it takes time to find the sites and graphics, but once it's done it can be used for years.  Plus, there are TONS of Glogs already out there that are public for everyone to use.  Just do a search and you may not need to recreate the wheel!  A GlogsterEDU subscription is free for educators and the Glogs you create are stored on your homepage.  Of course there are upgrades that cost money, but I haven't found a need for those yet.  Check out GlogsterEDU here.  And if you discover you're interested, Glogpedia is a good place to see all of the ways a Glog can be used.  Oh, and if you have any questions about starting your own, let me know.  I'd be glad to help.

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