Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meet the Teacher

Wow!  I can't believe how busy it's been these last weeks before school started!  I needed another week!  I know it's a little late, but here's the room for meet the teacher.

When parents and students arrived, I had a little list of activities up on my Promethean board to help guide them through the open house.  Don't you love the ribbon I stuck on the Promethean board mount and the poof balls at the top?  Much better that the boring old gray metal!  And the Mrs. Mannion board will actually be a Student of the Week board...  It's just me for the next 3 days...

 Station 1 was for the parents to sign in and give me their email addresses.  This was right inside the door on the Chromebook cart.  I had little Combo tags made up for the parents that I attached to the snack size bags of Combos.  If anyone's interested in the template, just let me know and I'll post it.

For Station 2, the students had to find their desks and then they received a treat, too!  Their's was a Rice Krispies Treat.  They had a folder waiting for them filled with important documents that was actually homework for the parents!  They also found a magnet with my contact information and their daily 'Special' class and a trifold brochure for the parents telling about my grading procedures and such.

Station 3 was just to ask me questions!  Then for Station 4, I like to have them check on their bus numbers home while the parents are there so we don't have any surprises on the first day of school!

For Stations 5, I had a 'Wish Garden' set up on the front board.  But my parents were so great, they were already bringing the supplies with them!

 For Station 6 the students found their lockers with Dum-Dum lollipops hidden inside and then they took their parents for a tour of the building.  But here a couple of shots of the rest of the room.

The Writing Center

The Mailbox Area

My Winnie-the-Pooh Shelves

My Birthday Treats, Candy Bin, and Bean Bag Area

Our Accelerated Reader Bulletin Board

Our Calendar Bulletin Board with Menu

Our Daily 5 Board with Treats

Just a different angle of the room...

I had a wonderful turn out this year, only missing 3 students - and one of them was at the beach...  I even had one students miss the school function, but Dad is a family friend, so he brought her to the house to meet her teacher!  We had pie together!  Looks like we're in for a great year with some super kids and wonderfully helpful parents.  My supply closet is already filling up with wishes from our wish garden!  Thanks everyone!  Have a GREAT year!

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