Friday, August 1, 2014

Writing Center

As you can see, I'm still sporting the Dots On Chocolate motif from Creative Teaching Press.  I love how the colors work so well with my Classic Pooh items.  This week I worked for 2 days in my room and got my writing center mostly in order.  I was so excited to have the counter space since I didn't need room for desktop computers.  Of my Daily 5 elements, the Work on Writing is the hardest one for me to get the kids excited about doing.  They see it as the one that's 'work!'  So I tried to make it as inviting as I could for them.

Yes, there's one little blue bin missing.  I picked it up today!
I bought the shelving units at Target for $10.  Then I filled the area with fun scissors, colored pens, highlighters, crayons, glue, markers, rulers, and tons of different paper.  We make scrapbooks throughout the year, so there are also bins full of stickers, journal pages, and scrapbook paper for them to use.  I had 8 of those little chalkboard clips that I had bought at TJMaxx last year, but I could only find 7 of them after the move!  I had to improvise and use a special yellow chalkboard clip for the seasonal paper that will change every month.  Not perfect, but it works...  In addition, this is our third year for our class journals.  The kids love to read what past classes have written and get ideas to write their own entries.  Our class journals include: My Teacher's Secret Life, I'm a Poet and Didn't Know It, Through the Portal (SciFi), Underwater Adventures, Best Animal Stories EVER, and Oh the Places We've Been.

I have a bin with hanging file folders on the counter for keeping the students' writing folders close at hand and out of their desks!  They get SO destroyed in their desks.

 I am using the bucket stools I made last summer for seating since the kids love these.  I also used 4 tension rods to hang curtains under the counter between the braces.  The curtains are actually re-purposed shower curtains that I used to cover up their closet mess last year!  I cut each one in half, sewed one side seam and a pocket at the top, and I had free curtains for the counter!  It's still a work in progress, but it's starting to resemble the vision in my head.  Hope it keeps them writing ALL year!

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