Sunday, February 8, 2015

Adorable Jars from Trash

So, a week or 2 ago, I came into my room to find an American Girl bag and a note.  Since I only have boys, I was a little confused by the American Girl bag.  Then I read the note and peeked inside.  It turns out our school guidance councilor had been given a set of 5 candy jars from a friend who thought the jars were too cute to throw away.  We all think this at times, don't we?  But her friend couldn't think of anything to do with them and so passed them on to our guidance councilor to give to her sister-in-law who is also a teacher.  I guess everyone knows teachers are thrifty and hoard other people's trash.  Well, her sister-in-law knew she was too busy to do anything with them and they would just sit around collecting dust in a future-project-pile.  We all have those piles, right?  So they both thought of me!  Yeah, me!  I was thrilled to be given these adorable jars and immediately began contemplating their many possible uses.

Well, this weekend is drill weekend for my husband, which means a little project-time for me.  So I pulled out the jars and grabbed my old friend, Goo Gone.  Yep, use him a lot!
The candy labels on these jars had a plastic-like cover over them, so I first scored the labels with a steak knife.  Yes, I could have used a razor blade, but I was in the kitchen and didn't feel like looking for the razor blade.  Scoring the paper is a trick I learned from years of removing wall paper.  In order to dissolve the glue, the product has to be able to touch it!  So I scored the label first and gave it a good dousing of Goo Gone.  Then I relaxed for about 30 minutes.  It gave me time to work on requisitions which are due Monday!  I came back and most of the label peeled right off, kinda like skin after a sunburn.  If it doesn't all come off, give it another treatment and don't rush it.  Then I did the back labels the same way.  Afterwards I washed and dried all the jars to remove any residue.

Then I grabbed some of my clearance silk flowers, my hot glue gun, and my box of sparkly, fake gems.  I pulled the center off of the silk flowers and discarded the fluffy center and the back, keeping only the petal parts from the flower.

I hot glued these to  the center of the jar lids and then finished it off with a jewel in the center.  Easy!

I haven't decided exactly where I'm going to put these little beauties.  My first thought was on my desk to hold paper clips, thumbtacks, rubber bands etc., but I also considered using them in my candy shop behind my guided reading table.  After a group finishes a book, they get to play a skill game such as Apples to Apples, or a fact and opinion game, or whichever skill we're working on at the moment.  Anyway, afterwards, I usually let each kiddo pick a treat from the candy shop.  I use a little catch phrase with each candy.  I have collected quite a few.

 "You're on Fire" - fireballs 
"Beary Good Reading" - gummy bears
"You're on a Roll" - Rolos or Tootsie Rolls
"Smarty Pants" - Smarties
"Bookworm" - gummy worms

The kids love the tiny occasional treat and the sayings.  So my new jars may end up back there - replacing my old Talenti Gelato containers!  Wherever they end up, I'm glad somebody always thinks of teachers when they have trash that's too cute to throw away!

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