Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Okay, so I found a fun, new site - kind of like Glogster - not quite as versatile, but quick, easy, and fun.  It's called ThingLink.  The basic premise of this site is to take a picture and add hot spots.  The hot spots can be notes, links, music, or videos.  I used it today to make a quick site for my students to practice continents and oceans.  Afterwards I embedded it into my class website, and now it's ready for them to use.

It's free, with upgraded pay options which I didn't need to use.  Be sure to get the teacher account, not just the general account.  It gives you more options.  This is also a tool the students could use to create their own ThingLinks as a culminating activity to show what they've learned about a topic, such as the Titanic, a country or state, the Underground Railroad, a book they've read, just about anything!

So here's a picture of the one I created today.  Click Here to see it on my website and try it out.  Check out ThingLink and see if it could be helpful for you.

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